Before I started Sink or Surface I created a musical project called Paint the Sand and in 2014 I released the “ EMBERS EP” - an independent four track record that hit number 31 on the New Zealand iTunes Top 40.

The music taught me a creative process that I could also replicate with imagery. Although I do not perform or write music as frequently as I used to, music is still very much a passion. Now as a videographer I am constantly using sound and as a tool to document and communicate a story and so Paint the Sand now takes on a new role. “#musicforfilm.”

Indie filmmakers can now use indie music as a soundtrack to their films through “OPENSEA.”

Paint the Sand is part of the OpenSea community of artists working alongside filmmakers. You can licence or listen to the music through their online forum with the OpenSea licensing button below.

With practice in both music and motion I now work as a videographer who wishes to create through both sound and sight.

EMBERS EP | Through sound & sight