My name is Ben, and I am a practiced videographer and photographer with a passion for filmmaking and a love for documenting the things happening around me.

Sink or Surface is a freelance project based around a love for surfing and ocean based imagery as well as an excitement for documenting special events such as your wedding day.

My passion lies within the films I create and the people around them. I look forward to those I meet in the water, the ones I am lucky enough to see tie the knot, and to those who live a lifestyle they wish to have documented. My pleasure lies in the films I can create alongside you and I look forward to meeting you, booking your big day and having a laugh along the way.

Many thanks,

Ben Maurice - Sink or Surface.


Whether you are enquiring about a wedding film or commercial shoot please send me a message below.

Wedding pricelist and wedding guide will be sent out on request.

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